Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Outfit Post

With the weather warming up, it has brought new inspiration. I just thought I'd share my two most favorite things to wear these days. My good friend Sadie makes these harnesses out of old belts. I haven't found an outfit yet that doesn't like  to be paired with my chestnut brown one. There are some available locally at the 360 Ecotique, and in her online shop.
 I have also decided to make my own stretch bell bottoms for the spring/summer. It'll get me out of jeans and I can work and play in comfort and style. I made these out of stretchy black crushed velvet. Ridiculously comfy. I lurve them.

                           As always, they are paired with a vintage t shirt and my worn out Frye's. Thrifted or handmade. It is funny, but that is pretty much all I wear, and I like it that way.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Etsy Update

I have been SWAMPED and overwhelmed lately, and although I have plenty I could share, I can't loose my momentum. So, here is a small update of the things being listed  in my shop.

 I am so grateful for the beautiful sunshine we are having. It is warming my spirit, and all feels fresh. I am in a space where creativity is in charge and I sometimes wish that I knew what it was like to be bored. For now, I am riding the wave. xoxo

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Who Knew?

  Last weekend my hubby and I took our kids and my mother-in-law to Oroville, CA. Not our usual stomping grounds, although my husband works there. We decided to go because there was the California State Fiddle and Picking contest going on and we thought the kids would get a kick out of it.  The contest was fun, but we didn't stay long.
  The day ended up being so much fun and quite unexpected. We went out to lunch and had Chinese food at a restaurant called Tong Fong Low. Super tasty and super reasonable. I totally recommend it.
 On our way back to Chico, we took a detour and ended up at a Chinese Temple. (total coincidence). We decided to go in and take a tour (self led, the place is pretty humble). It was so beautiful and full of amazing tapestries and furniture. It was so tranquil with the rain and courtyard.

The Temple still used today for prayer and meditation.
 I highly recommend taking a trip out to Oroville to dine, thrift shop and meditate. The city is odd, full of beautiful old homes and wandering speed freaks. But it does have it's redeeming qualities. You just might not expect them.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Swallowed by a Seamonster

About a month ago, I was a part of an event called "The Delta of Venus". On the same night, only one block away, was an art showing at the Ray Ray Gallery. The show was called "The Secret Adventures of Miss Muffin" by the lovely Seamonster. She has been one of my favorite artists since I first laid eyes on her work about a year ago. I hopped over to the exhibit during my event, to give her a squeeze and to stare in amazement at her new paintings. Not only is she gorgeous, smart, sweet and extremely funny, she is crazy talented. Crazy. I am in awe of her work and hope to hang one of her paintings on my wall in the very near future.


Art lovin' hipsters

Claire Fong


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Special Note

As the news continues covering the devastating tragedy in Japan, I find it harder to merrily go on with my quaint everyday life without acknowledging the obvious. I find it difficult to express my feelings on the catastrophic disaster. I feel shock and great sadness. The more information/photos/videos that are being broadcast on t.v. or internet, the more horrific this crisis becomes. I purely feel the need to express my deepest sympathies for the people of Japan. The amount of suffering that is currently taking place across the world, while I sit comfortably in front of my computer, in my heated home, makes me feel ashamed and grateful. The least we can all do is donate to the Red Cross, (you can do that here). And out of courtesy, we can love one another and treat our lives as gifts not to be taken for granted. We can honor their loss by living in compassion. None of us are immune to natural disasters. It is not just Japan that suffers, but humankind and our beloved planet.
 My thoughts and prayers of love and healing to us all.

Here are a few pictures that shook me to my core. These are taken from

Jiji Press via AFP - Getty Images
Matt Dunham / AP
Adrees Latif / Reuters
Adrees Latif / Reuters

Monday, March 14, 2011

Mid Century Mimi

 I spent Saturday and Sunday in Santa Rosa visiting my husband's grandmother, Mimi. It is always a great visit, and this time was no different. She is a wonderful and charming woman, with a rich history and impeccable taste.

  She grew up in China, (her father was in the military), and has amazing photos of her childhood. Stunning black and whites of her and her family riding horses and camels, having parties and riding in rickshaws. Her house is full of antique furniture from china and mid century goodies.
  Her second marriage was to a man who shared her love of mid century furniture. They collected iconic chairs and artwork while living in San Diego.  Her treasures have traveled with her for years, and now reside in her quaint condo in northern California.

Bertoia Bird chair and ottoman
Eames chairs circa 1950
Saarinen Womb chair and ottoman circa 1960

artwork in her bedroom
artwork in her dining room
above the piano
mosaic art handmade by her second husband

After leisurely hanging around Mimi's house, we went to uncle Jolly's home for dinner. His house is full of Mimi's furniture that does not fit into her house and it is just as amazing. My favorite thing about Uncle Jolly's house is the moongate and pond in his backyard .

Lot's of conversation, laughter and food. We spent our Sunday morning making waffles, playing the piano and doing crosswords and puzzles.

Nadine working on a puzzle

My hubby mixing up some waffle batter

waffles on Vileroy and Boch Acapulco plates circa 1960
Eamon and Nadine playing a duet
I can't wait to visit with Mimi again. Next time, we plan on recording her stories of childhood and all of her family history. I feel so lucky to have been married into my husband's family and that I get to share these visits with my children. A true bohemian tribe with mid century furniture. Sounds perfect.