Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Etsy Update

 I have been incredibly busy the last couple months, but have really put effort into managing my time. With the help of my hubby, I was able to take a whole Saturday to catch up on my shop. I took a TON of pictures and have been listing new stuff all week. The recent name change has been fun, and I am confident it will hold new opportunities for me. I have also been working on some new designs and got to shoot them as well. Take a moment to poke around my etsy shop, and don't hesitate to leave me feedback.
  My favorite look for this holiday season is a simple maxi dress with tousled locks and chunky jewelry. I am not a fan of too much fancy, so I opt to pair a pretty dress with lace up boots or cowboy boots. Being that I am 5'10", heels have never been my thing. I  will also break  into dance at any given moment, so I gotta be prepared at all times.  Here are a few maxi dresses already in my shop or waiting in line to be posted with plenty more.

And here are the pics of my Bustier/T Shirt line:

 I am also trying to take advantage of my facebook community, so if you haven't already "liked" Mermaid Soup, you an join the fun here.

 Wishing all of you a wonderful season! xoxox Amber

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Turn and Face the Strain

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes! Lots of new and exciting things are brewing over in my world. First off, I have started the process of re-branding my clothing line.  Renouveau Clothing has changed to Mermaid Soup. All things are the same in my shop, I will still continue to offer bad ass vintage clothing as well as my own designs. I have loved "Renouveau Clothing" for a few years, but have found too many of my friends have a hard time spelling/remembering my name. This will make it easy. Since it has already been my blog, Mermaid Soup as a shop/brand/clothing line will/should be seamless. This is the first step, of the many, I will be taking on improving my online presence and making my mark as a designer.  I am so very excited about the future of Mermaid Soup. And a big premature thank you! for all of the love and support I hope I will be receiving. Stay tuned as change is inevitable and I embark on my new journey.

Here's a sneak peek at some of the new dresses i have been working on.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

How Embarrasing?!

  This whole summer, there was a nagging voice in the back of my brain urging me to get back to mermaid soup. With a wave of my hand, i told myself, "tomorrow". But tomorrow came and went. The next thing you know, it is fall and I have neglected to even bother updating a single post. I guess I will just claim to have taken the summer off.
  There are a lot of new and exciting things happening for Renouveau Clothing, and I am waiting to get things lined up to share them with you. For now, I finally got a paper backdrop for my photos, and finally got to be the photographer for an outdoor photoshoot,. I got some of my own designs modeled by a couple of gorgeous friends. Here are some pics to keep you in the loop, and a promise to stay in better touch.

Tons of new stuff in my shop

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Place in The Sun

 Just a quick note to wish everyone a happy summer solstice! The temperature is getting hot and summer break has officially started. Things are crazy busy in my little bubble, so my blog and shop have taken the back seat. All is well, not to worry. Things should hopefully fall into place soon and I hope to be in much better touch with all my beautiful friends and family. For now, praise the sun and dance around in your bikinis (or swim trunks)!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bizarre Bazaar

  This year, the lovely ladies of Chikoko hosted their first annual Spring Bizarre Bazaar. It was a collection of talented artists and designers selling their delights at a local venue. It was so amazing to walk into a place and witness such beauty and creativity all around. There was everything from jewelry to art to clothing to garden tools. All of it handmade, and all of it inspiring. I love that each artist worked his/her own booth so you got an opportunity to meet and get to know the person behind the designs.
   I went on Sunday, and I brought my kids and my mama-in-law.  I wanted EVERYTHING! I swear, if I were rich, I'd go broke spending my money on things for sale in that room alone. It was such a treat to see familiar faces and meet new ones. I was also so impressed by people I already know making new things. It is amazing to watch other artists evolve.
  I couldn't stay long, (my son was getting over an ear infection), but I got to squeeze some friends, make a couple purchases and snap some photos. I can't wait for the next Bizarre Bazaar, usually around the holidays, it is the best place to buy gifts. I have a "one for (fill in name here) and one for me" policy.  My gosh I love this town!

Dreadful Kitty

Muir Hughes

oh baby, that's my girl! Sadie Rose!

Zeeko Bag

David "Dragonboy" Sutherland

Jen Moon

Fortunes and Folklore

Julie Demaggio

Jaime Hughes Artgirl Colormagnet

Adorn by Mari

Monday, May 2, 2011

A Thousand Thank Yous

 This weekend I hit a big etsy milestone: my 1000th sale! I was so excited when it happened and it naturally lead me to think about my almost 3 years of selling on etsy. I love what I do. I am so grateful to have a place I can share my creations and re-sale my love of vintage.
 I took a little trip down memory lane and looked at some of my first sales. Not only have I come a long way in what I design, but my pictures and staging has improved ten folds! It has been a learning experience. I did not set out to do this, it was never my plan. It happened fast and kind of on its own. I have always thrifted, (it's what you do when you're poor),  and I have always made my own clothes, (usually re-fashioning, at least in the beginning).  It has evolved over the years.
 Like many of us etsy sellers, if you have an eye for the goods, a passion for the hunt and some time to run an online shop, etsy is a dream come true. I am so overwhelmed with love and gratitude. So, a thousand "thank yous" to my clients, family, friends and supporters. I could not have done it without you.

                   Here are a few pics of my first sales. A lot has changed since then.

                                   Here are some pics of my favorite things I have sold on etsy

                                                        Here's to a thousand more! xoxoxo