Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sheer Madness

I love all of the sheer clothing out right now, and made a point to fill my shop with this new trend. I have been collecting  various sheer items and finally got a moment to take some pictures for my shop. I am so inspired by Free People , and have also been working on the whole "fish tail" look (I call them "mullet skirts", shorter in the front longer in the back, you get it), so I also have a few of this trend going up in my shop. Busy days, but I finally got a moment to put some work into my etsy store.

I am digging both of these trends and will post an outfit pic of my most favorite dress that I gave the old mullet haircut to. For now, I'll be listing these little treasures in my shop. Hope to see you there! xoxox

Friday, April 15, 2011

Bell Bottom Obsession

I have always worn and loved bell bottoms. They flatter my very straight up and down body by giving the illusion of curves. I remember being at festivals and Dead shows living in my "bells", wearing them year round. I somehow have lost the pairs I used to wear along my path, so I have been on a mad hunt for the perfect pair of "hippie bells". With as much as I thrift, I have been unsuccessful in finding my perfect pair. All that I find are either  too big, too small, too short, etc. I have recently decided to make my own, but making a pair of jeans is a little advanced for my sewing skills so it hasn't happened yet.
 Last week I went to a thrift store that I have never been to before (I know, shocking!). I didn't find a lot, but what I did find was an awesome pair of vintage Jorache jeans. High waist, long inseam, great distressed wash. I scored them at half off for a whopping $3. After I brought them home I started the alterations. The oldest hippie trick in the book, adding a triangle panel to the outseam near the hem to make any pair of pants into bell bottoms. I wanted them to look distressed so I intentionally made my stitching sloppy and exposed with as much fraying on the denim as possible. The result: my newest most favorite pair of jeans. I think they will travel with me for a long time, and my friends will probably get sick of seeing me in them, but oh well, you gotta break in the bells somehow!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spread Thin

I have  missed sitting in front of my computer and sharing my musings with all who will listen. I haven't even had much time to sit and read some of my own favorite blogs! The warmer weather has added an element of chaos to my life (in a good way). My son has started little league and I have been thrown into a full blown baseball mom frenzy! At least one practice a week plus two games (in a week!). I love watching my not-so-little-anymore guy run around and focus so intently on a task. He loves to play, and he is pretty good (if I do say so myself).
With that filling my weeks, trying to run my etsy shop, creating new clothing,  cooking meals, packing lunches, picking up/dropping off, making time for my hubby, cleaning (although I'll take any excuse not to do that) and the occasional "girl's night", I have not been diligent about blogging. I miss it, and even though it is probably the first to fall to the back burner, I can not help but question "why"? It is so nice to sit down and collect my thoughts and organize my agenda. Checking in with myself should not be the first thing to drop off. Blogging has been a great outlet for me. So here I am, making my attempt at checking in and sharing.

Here are a few random pics of all the stuff going on in the last couple of weeks.

Haircuts for the kids

crepe night with friends

Eamon scoring a run at baseball
Girl's night out

All is well and I am thankful to be so busy. The devil makes work for idle hands in my case, so here's to staying busy and out of trouble.