Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day Three Fashion Challenge

Over the hump and things feel normal. I will admit, I DO miss my jeans, but this has been fun. A bunch of my girlfriends and I are going out tonight and are going to take the challenge along for fun. I think it will be easier to wear a non-jeans outfit when you are going out. We are going to a local bar for dancing, so it will still be pretty casual, but we'll sauce things up a bit.

sweater tunic (thrifted and altered by me)
leopard print peek-a-boo leggings (thrifted)
feather earrings (Renouveau Clothing)
vintage Frye boots (thrifted and then cut to "shorties" by me)

Yesterday got pretty busy after I picked my son up from school, so here are a few pics of my friends and their outfits.

Rose day two in a green corduroy mini, tights, crochet to and work boots. Rose day two, (with her sweet hubby), in jean shorts, (I'll let her slide), with tights and cowboy boots.


Amy, day two in yoga flares with skirt, vintage Levi's vest and patchwork handbag. Day three, black corduroy bell bottoms, cowboy boots, sweater and puffy vest.

Adriane, day three, corduroy flares, cowboy boots and belted cardigan


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