Monday, March 7, 2011

Day One Fashion Challenge

 My five day fashion challenge started off with a bang. I'll admit, I was a little whiny about it this morning when I got up and I was tired and cranky. I just wanted to throw on the old favorite jeans, Uggs, a sweatshirt and run out the door. But after a small internal pep talk, I came up with this:

Thrifted gray thermal
 Green vintage mini dress
 Leopard print tights (Target)
Vintage Frye cowboy boots (etsy)

I went to take my kids to school and, of course, ran into my best friends, (dropping off their kids), in the hallway. I was so happy to see them in their non-jeans (although Amy was wearing a denim dress, I told her that was OK).

Adriane in her corduroy flares, cowboy boots and puffy vest

Amy in her denim dress, cowboy boots and quilted jacket.

My outfit, with a 70s duster (from the 360 Ecotique) and my fringe bag.

The silly thing was, it wasn't hard or uncomfortable. I felt cute and I didn't feel overdressed or out of place. What on earth is so appealing about jeans? It is decided. This is a great challenge for me. If anything I get to show off some clothes that don't get a lot of wear in my closet. And who knows? After this week, maybe I won't be so quick to grab for the same old boring pair of jeans.


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