Friday, March 11, 2011

Day Five Fashion Challenge

Here it is, my last day in the fashion challenge. I have enjoyed the last five days and feel re-inspired to step things up in my everyday attire. I am surprised at what a challenge it was for me. I am very excited to throw on the old jeans come tomorrow, but for today, I wore this:

                                                                 Plaid button up shirt (thrifted)
                                                            Vintage wool poncho/shawl (thrifted)
                                                                   Denim mini skirt (thrifted)
                                                                       Wool tights (gifted)
                                                           Vintage blonde lace up ropers (thrifted)

There was a buzz in the hall at drop off today, and it seemed like the ladies stepped it up for the final challenge day. I had another friend approach me to let me know she was also inspired by my challenge and chose not to default to her jeans today in participation. I tried to snap a picture of her, but my camera took a blurry pic and I felt it didn't do her outfit justice.

                     Here is Adriane in a corduroy pencil skirt, tights, cowboy boots and zebra print hoodie.

                    And Amy in her cowboy boots, legwarmers, skirt, jean jacket and printed scarf.

    Well done ladies! And well done for the other participants who I haven't had the pleasure to photograph.

 I spent my afternoon thrift shopping in Paradise (sans kids), and grabbed a bunch of cute new things for myself and the shop. More on that later...
  I will be visiting my husband's grandmother in Santa Rosa and will most likely have something to share on Sunday. I hope everyone has a great weekend! xoxox

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