Friday, March 4, 2011

New Loot

  I have always enjoyed it when other bloggers posted about their recent purchases and new found treasures. So today I have decided to do the same.
  As per my last posting, my poor girl guide, I went thrift shopping.  I am desperately seeking more doilies and hit up my main vain, Thrifty Bargain. It was half off day, and although I came home with not one doily, I scored my new favorite dress. I involuntarily let out a "F@*k yeah!" when I saw it, and the poor sweet woman next to me looked at me like I was crazy. Crazy in love with my newest score!

Pure bohemian goodness!  I love the tree and floral print and the earthy colors and not to mention the full sheer sleeves. (sigh) When i showed my hubby he immediately thought I could sell it for good money. I was  horrified, and I told him I was keeping it. He then remarked that I'll never wear it. I told him I'll be wearing it next week for my 5 day fashion challenge!

I scored this amazing and HEAVILY sequined top at the Salvation Army a month ago. It is a vintage Oleg Cassini, and it is like armor. It is so thick with sequins, it is like a bullet proof vest. It has this cool tiger-like pattern in black, bronze and silver. I had to repair a few small areas where the sequins were coming loose.  Although it is not perfect, it think it will be SICK with jean cutoffs and cowboy boots.

And speaking of cowboy boots, my next score was at that same Salvation Army, but only last week. I have a cowboy boot addiction. I am almost too embarrassed to even count how many pairs I own. But I keep falling in love, and I really do wear them with everything, so I definitely get my money's worth. These are pretty old and kinda crackly, but I love the color and the stitching.

And lastly, I scored this shearling coat  at that old Salvation Army I keep talking about, and have lived in it this whole winter. I have been obsessing over these, especially the really expensive Burberry ones, and this was close enough in aesthetic, and for $12, I couldn't resist. I got a similar one for my best friend for Christmas and we laugh when we wear them on the same day. She lovingly calls them our "Brokeback Mountain" jackets.

Till the next time, happy hunting!


Kelly said...

That sequin shirt is INCREDIBLE. I swear all you fashion bloggers must have heavenly Salvation Armys. All I can ever find are men's belts and women's pants that are size 16! I'm coming to your thrift stores!

Amber said...

I do sort of feel like I am "thrift gifted". I score the most of all my friends, but I also go all the time. These treasures were scored over a month. But yes, the Salvation Army dangerously close to my house is a goldmine!

Holly Hilgenberg said...

These are AMAZING! That dress is something out of a fairy tale! Definitely an Operation Sparkle worthy find! peace- Holly

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