Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Outfit Post

With the weather warming up, it has brought new inspiration. I just thought I'd share my two most favorite things to wear these days. My good friend Sadie makes these harnesses out of old belts. I haven't found an outfit yet that doesn't like  to be paired with my chestnut brown one. There are some available locally at the 360 Ecotique, and in her online shop.
 I have also decided to make my own stretch bell bottoms for the spring/summer. It'll get me out of jeans and I can work and play in comfort and style. I made these out of stretchy black crushed velvet. Ridiculously comfy. I lurve them.

                           As always, they are paired with a vintage t shirt and my worn out Frye's. Thrifted or handmade. It is funny, but that is pretty much all I wear, and I like it that way.


Sadie Rose said...

Eek! Amber you look so hot and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pants. put me on the list if you make more. thanks for sylin' up the harness so super sweet!!

Violet Folklore said...

When I saw on Etsy that you live in Chico I wondered if you were friends with Sadie. But of course you are!
You look darling in this outfit, way to style that harness (though I don't think it's very hard to make those things look good!).

Crystal said...

You and that harness are a great match! I gotta say. I would live in stretch bellbottoms if I had a pair.

I just stumbled over here from Amber's blog and I'm so happy I did! You have an etsy shop I didn't know about (so excited to take a peek) and your kids are so adorable. I'm following you, so I'll be able to keep up:)

Happy Spring!

Heather said...

That harness is fabulous!

bravegrrl said...

i love your blog... and i'm so glad i stumbled across it.... the bells are awesome!

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