Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Poor Girl's Guide to Getting Everything She Wants



    I get a case of "the wants" just as much as the next person, but my pocketbook keeps me from purchasing. I have always made my own clothes or "refashioned" what I already had. I am a self taught seamstress so the only thing you  need is a youtube video and a yard sale sewing machine.
  I have also been making my own kefir. It is a yummy yogurt drink full of probiotics and couldn't be easier to make (once you have the kefir grain). Here is a good tutorial if you want to start making your own.
  My husband has made our own sourdough starter, and we have been baking our own sourdough bread and enjoying sourdough waffles and crepes on the weekend.
  I have also been making my own kombocha tea for about a year now. Kombucha also offers great health benefits and is super yummy! Not to mention EXPENSIVE if you buy it from a store. The process is not that hard once you get started. Here is a great tutorial.



     These shops have been a great source for excellent treasures. I have practically furnished my whole house, supplied my whole kitchen and clothed my entire family from various thrift stores. I realize they can be overwhelming and sometimes "gross" to some, but I have the best time stretching my dollar in those often smelly treasure troves. I should probably dedicate a whole post to the AMAZING things I have scored, but for now, trust me, they are there.



       We all have a service/talent/craft/product that we can use to trade with others who offer what we desire. I don't often have much cash to purchase, but have many times traded with other crafty and talented individuals. It is a great way for me to support other artists while getting my own stuff out there on other people.

4.  SAVE
           I don't have a lot of experience in this area, so I can't truthfully go into great detail. I have heard if you put money away/don't spend every penny that ends up in your pocket, you might actually accumulate a little amount of money that you can put toward and spend on those "wish list" items. I am hoping to one day learn how to do this so-called "saving", but until then, I will continue to make, thrift shop and  trade.

I think it also important to note that yes, getting stuff is fun, but appreciating what you already have will have a greater long term effect on your life. Be mindful of your purchases, and try to put your money back into your community by shopping local and buying handmade. We are all in this together and should support one another. Move past the "wanting" and be a part of the "giving".

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Unknown said...

What a great post, Really great message. Especially in the times that we live. I trade Yoga Therapy all the time. And it helps other people as well. But, I liked what you said about appreciating what we already have. I think that is the most important thing anyone can learn in a lifetime.

Unknown said...

I appreciate and am grateful for everything I have. I know some that have so much and it is never enough to make them happy. I a happy just being out in the sunshine, breathing in and out without an ache or pain. I love and am loved by many. Life is too short. Enjoy everything, good and bad.

Sadie Rose said...

i, too, have heard of this magical "saving" technique....

SWEATshirtDRESSshirt said...

what a great guide to saving money! perfect for a college student like me. :)

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