Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Short Stack

 I am totally into cut off jean shorts right now. As you can see from my shop, I have been busy experimenting with different styles. It has proven to be a great creative outlet for me, and one that will come in handy around July, when the temperature starts to go crazy.
There have been TONS of posts about the recent Coachella festival, and an endless supply of pics of cute fashionistas sporting the jean cut off trend. You can see stuff here and here.
  Here's a few pics of my shorts you can find in my shop!

And if you are on Instagram, you can find me! username: mermaidsoup

Monday, January 23, 2012

Shifting Gears

       So it is pretty clear that i suck at blogging. I'm not deeply upset about this, as i have been working hard to take care of what's in front of me. My home and family come first, then I spend free time making new clothes or shopping for new vintage for the shop. Then maybe I can squeeze in some much needed time to hang with my amazing group of girlfriends. It is a good life, this I know, and I am forever grateful. 
        I am switching things up, and streamlining my networks. From now on, "mermaidsoup.com" will land on my etsy store. This blog will still be around, for the occasional dialogue and updates. You can now bookmark this blog at mermaid-soup.blogspot.com
       I also have a Tumblr, (which is just a visual blog, full of inspiration and projects),and you can find me here
      If you are an iphone user,  you can follow me on Instagram. search "Amber Bass".
     I won't overwhelm you with my new "twitter" account, as I rarely use it. That may change, and I will let you know if it ends up being worth your time. (but just in case you want to throw me in your mix, for good measure, I am @mermaid_soup)

   For now, I will leave you with a few pics of things I've been working on. And I hope to stay connected to you through my various networks!

       my new hang tags (handmade, of course!)

           a new "Heirloom Dress", that I have dyed the most beautiful dark wine color! more pics to come!

                  another new "Heirloom Dress" that I have dyed a smokey black, and yes, pics soon!

  I have some more stuff "on the pins" at the moment, and I find that I am in a motivated and creative space. Now, if i could just find some more time....