Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day Two Fashion Challenge

Today seemed much harder than yesterday. I think the difficulty is trying to wear an outfit that is comfortable, and not too dressy. But once I let that go, and decided to put on something that I liked, regardless of comfort or appropriateness, I found an outfit that I loved. And it wasn't even uncomfortable.

my most favorite vintage sweater (thrifted)
black mini skirt (thrifted, then altered to it's new mini length by yours truly)
multi colored ethnic print belt (thrifted)
black patterned tights (target)
tall vintage 70s boots (etsy)

There were a number of friends at drop off today that were looking fabulous and excited about day two. But I, of course, left my phone (with camera) at home. I will make sure to take some pics later today of other participant's outfits and post them this evening. Looking good ladies! Keep the momentum going!

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emaa said...

Really cute and you've sure got some cute boots in your closet lady!

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