Monday, March 14, 2011

Mid Century Mimi

 I spent Saturday and Sunday in Santa Rosa visiting my husband's grandmother, Mimi. It is always a great visit, and this time was no different. She is a wonderful and charming woman, with a rich history and impeccable taste.

  She grew up in China, (her father was in the military), and has amazing photos of her childhood. Stunning black and whites of her and her family riding horses and camels, having parties and riding in rickshaws. Her house is full of antique furniture from china and mid century goodies.
  Her second marriage was to a man who shared her love of mid century furniture. They collected iconic chairs and artwork while living in San Diego.  Her treasures have traveled with her for years, and now reside in her quaint condo in northern California.

Bertoia Bird chair and ottoman
Eames chairs circa 1950
Saarinen Womb chair and ottoman circa 1960

artwork in her bedroom
artwork in her dining room
above the piano
mosaic art handmade by her second husband

After leisurely hanging around Mimi's house, we went to uncle Jolly's home for dinner. His house is full of Mimi's furniture that does not fit into her house and it is just as amazing. My favorite thing about Uncle Jolly's house is the moongate and pond in his backyard .

Lot's of conversation, laughter and food. We spent our Sunday morning making waffles, playing the piano and doing crosswords and puzzles.

Nadine working on a puzzle

My hubby mixing up some waffle batter

waffles on Vileroy and Boch Acapulco plates circa 1960
Eamon and Nadine playing a duet
I can't wait to visit with Mimi again. Next time, we plan on recording her stories of childhood and all of her family history. I feel so lucky to have been married into my husband's family and that I get to share these visits with my children. A true bohemian tribe with mid century furniture. Sounds perfect.


Sadie Rose said...

it has been decided that i need a moongate.

The Green Fashionista said...

Here here, moongates for all my friends!
Lovely photos. My aesthetic relies heavily on midcentury art & architecture. Thanks for sharing.

Violet Folklore said...

Wow, Mimi is the coolest. How great for your kids to get to know their great grandmother. My daughter has known four of her great grandparents (three still alive) and I feel like that is such a priceless gift.
And that moongate!
Okay I am going to stop swooning over you, your blog, and your shop now and get back to working on myself, my blog, and my shop. But first I'm gonna tell you that my daughter is 4 and that if you and the kids (and the husband) (and/or the Sadie) wanna play sometime this summer I think that a very fine idea.
I'm also gonna tell you that I think you need to ingratiate yourself into the little blog circle Sadie and I have delightedly found ourselves a part of, your posts are awesome and need more love!
~Amber too

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