Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Special Note

As the news continues covering the devastating tragedy in Japan, I find it harder to merrily go on with my quaint everyday life without acknowledging the obvious. I find it difficult to express my feelings on the catastrophic disaster. I feel shock and great sadness. The more information/photos/videos that are being broadcast on t.v. or internet, the more horrific this crisis becomes. I purely feel the need to express my deepest sympathies for the people of Japan. The amount of suffering that is currently taking place across the world, while I sit comfortably in front of my computer, in my heated home, makes me feel ashamed and grateful. The least we can all do is donate to the Red Cross, (you can do that here). And out of courtesy, we can love one another and treat our lives as gifts not to be taken for granted. We can honor their loss by living in compassion. None of us are immune to natural disasters. It is not just Japan that suffers, but humankind and our beloved planet.
 My thoughts and prayers of love and healing to us all.

Here are a few pictures that shook me to my core. These are taken from msnbc.com.

Jiji Press via AFP - Getty Images
Matt Dunham / AP
Adrees Latif / Reuters
Adrees Latif / Reuters

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