Thursday, March 3, 2011

Etsy Update

 Let me just start off by saying, I completely dislike being my own model. I work for cheap and I'm always available, so it just works out. Until my schedule permits me to have designated time for another option, this will do.
 I feel relieved to have finally been able to give my shop some much needed TLC. It has been a busy year so far, and time management has never been my strong suit. Lot's going on, but it feels good to have been so productive.
 I have a ton of great vintage going up in the shop this week and wanted to give a little "etsy update". 

                    Vintage burgundy velvet maxi dress modeled with Lost Boys and Lovers Harness

                                                       Vintage disco cut out maxi dress

Vintage ethnic print maxi sundress

 Vintage sheer/fringe/velvet poncho

Renouveau Clothing salvaged tablecloth angel sleeve mini dress (try saying THAT 3 times really fast!)

There is plenty more, but I should leave something to be desired. I hope everyone is staying happy and healthy during this cold/flu season. xoxox

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