Monday, February 14, 2011

The Big Event

 This past Friday was The Delta of Venus. A local  fashion social  in the incredible little town of Chico, CA. I was a participant in this event, held at the beautiful 360 Ecotique. The night was a success with a great turnout, (Chico is a very cool place, with very cool people who love to support their community), great music and TONS of AMAZING treasures for sale. We served wine and my friend baked Russian tea cakes and passed them around on a sliver platter (i have the sweetest friends!).  At a few points in the night, the place was shoulder to shoulder with hipsters admiring, trying on and purchasing their finds. The whole night had a constant stream of folks and it was so wonderful to meet the people trying on my items, and it gave me a great opportunity to talk about my designs and the creative process behind them. I was so overwhelmed with compliments and in depth discussions pertaining to my designs. What a great night. I would say, for myself, that my Heirloom dresses overshadowed all of my other items. That is not to say people didn't love the others (or purchase them!), but it was the first time the dresses were displayed in a group with access to trying them on. I was also wearing my newest creation, (I custom made for myself, for this event), and another sweetie-pie girlfriend was selling raffle tickets while wearing a dress from the collection. It really helps to have someone modeling their beauty.
The other vendors were my dear friend Sadie Rose of  Lost boys and Lovers , Adorn by Mari, Kodo fragrances and my newest girl crush, Cabrina Channing Jewelry designs. What an inspiring group of women! There were so many things i wanted, but had to show some restraint. I purchased a great necklace from Adorn by Mari and I have teamed up with Cabrina Channing to do a trade for her insane body jewelry. She will get a custom heirloom dress I have just begun to work on. We also had a dear friend of mine read Tarot cards, which she had a line for all night! Thanks Monica!

Here are some pics of the event including set up and some local hipsters. As well as my GORGEOUS friends and fellow artists.

The night was a lot of fun, but I was so tired after the set up, event then breakdown, I completely took the next couple days off.  I woke up this morning hungry for more. There is no taming this beast. My poor husband. The house has been, a-hem...neglected, and he has so sweetly defended it by saying, " When it is fashion week around here, this is just the way it is going to look." Thank you sweetie! Happy Valentine's Day. I love you!

*** a special thanks to Crystina Hemmingway and Lorna Hillman of the 360ecotique, Sadie rose and Erin Lizardo.



Sadie Rose said...

So awesome. Thank you for documenting the event so well, as I was lost in the delightful, swirling madness. So much beauty & talent packed into one tiny place.

Amber said...

i could not have done it without you! loves!

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