Thursday, February 10, 2011

test of time

  My taste in music is pretty much all over the map. I have music on almost all day, and I will listen to whatever i think fits the mood. The other day I was sewing together a new Heirloom dress and put in a cd that has been one of my favorites since its debut in 1998. I was so impressed that it still seemed current and not dated at all. In fact, it kinda blew my mind (again!), so i decided i should share.
  Kruder & Dorfmeister is a duo from Austria that has been remixing and producing some pretty amazing stuff since 1996 . The cd I am specifically referring to is The K&D Sessions. From beginning to end it is a sensual journey with some pretty heavy hip hop and downtempo elements. I can't say enough about these guys and if you don't already know of them, now would be a good time. It has a great pace and doesn't distract from tedious work. I highly recommend anything from them and here is one of my favorite songs on that cd. Enjoy!


*don't be discouraged if this isn't "your thing", there is so much more in my little hand-sewn bag of tricks.

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