Tuesday, February 1, 2011


i am obsessed with macrame at the moment. it is so 70s (which i adore) and it is quite relaxing while satisfying the need to create. i have been collecting macrame plant hangers and making a few of my own for a hanging herb garden off of my patio. i also scored a macrame swing from a local thrift store. i decided to bring the macrame journey to the indoors and i have started to macrame some jewelry.


Unknown said...

I love Macrame too. I remember learning to do it in the 70's, making belts, covering wine bottles and doing some plant hangers. They were charming. I LOVE the swing you found. Can you share the pattern for the Owls (if you have it)?
thanks, Sandra

MYSAVIOR said...

I used to do macrame in the 70's - LOVE THE OWLS.


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