Friday, February 18, 2011

my new friend

  I was thrifting the other day with my daughter, looking for some new materials. I found myself low on doilies and have a couple custom orders pending, so I told myself, "only look for doilies!"  This is nearly an impossible task for me,  since I love to sift through every rack  for hidden treasures. None the less, it was a successful trip, and with my arm loaded  with way more than I came for, I spotted this dress form in the front of the store. I was shocked that I missed it walking in, and when I came closer to it, I was almost in a state of panic. Canvas body, metal cage hem, and rod iron base with wheels. I have a fully functioning dress form that has been so good to me for years, but it is ugly. Just a work-horse. I have always dreamed of having a cool canvas one for pictures and aesthetics. And here she was, in all her rustic beauty. I was in love! The trouble started when I saw her price tag $45. I am frugal, but more than anything, I am broke. So I called my husband, hoping he'd approve of this "big" purchase, but couldn't reach him. I put back half the stuff in my arms and decided that I would regret it if I didn't buy her. You should have seen me stuffing her into the back of my car.
  Later that night i looked up the maker and model and to my amazement, these retail for $775. It was a good buy. I have to laugh that I was deliberating for so long about buying her. My husband completely approves and to top it off, I immediately started working on a new dress which I finished 10 hours later. Not only is this dress form beautiful, it is fully functional and inspiring. I can now work on two dresses at the same time! I am in LOVE!


Jauntydawgie said...

ummmm, awesome!

Sadie Rose said...

squeee!!! can i hug her?

TimaDaModel said...

I have wanted one of these for the longest, you're so lucky.

Amber said...

i am still laughing at myself for the initial hesitation.

thanks, lovies!

The Green Fashionista said...

1. It's a Wolf!
2. It's a size 8!
3. It's in excellent shape!
4. It was...$45???!!!

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