Thursday, February 3, 2011

eff you see kay

   i was cooking dinner last night and the kids were in the living room doing their thing. they started to squabble (which is common amongst siblings),  i was tuning it out while i was actually listening (a trick us moms know how to do), and at the height of the fight, nadine (4 yrs old) stomps away and screams, "f*@k!" and walks away. i think i heard it right, but i wasn't sure. eamon (almost 7yrs old) says, "nadine said a bad word! she said f*@k!" at this point i need to interject. so i say, "we don't say that word". my husband calls nadine into the office and has a few words with her. later, i tell her, "i feel the same way too sometimes. we can feel it but just not say it." matter closed.
  i was left thinking how funny it is when a 4 yr old drops an "f-bomb", but really, one day she will be 9 and it won't be so cute. i don't think you should  make a big deal, it will only make the word more desirable. so now i really have to pay attention to my own choice of words. really.


Sadie Rose said...

hahaha. i know, it's so hard not to laugh when they do that!

Amber said...

it is truly one of my biggest challenges! xoxox

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