Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I am a "newbie" to this whole blog thing, new to looking at them in general, and absolutely new to having one. It has been fun to poke around online and follow thread after thread to some pretty neat things. I will occasionally look at cooking blogs, or music blogs, but mostly, I want fashion! I crave inspiration, ideas, trends and motivation. I am a big fan of the freepeople blog, (probably one of my favorites!), and through them I found my newest favorite, I Love Wildfox. It is a blog to serve as "inspiration for artists". I love it and find it truly inspiring. In fact, I can't stop looking at it. In particular are these pictures for Wildfox Couture the clothing line (which I also adore). Can this model be any more beautiful? The styling is completely my vibe. I am inspired!


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