Tuesday, February 8, 2011

living on the fringe

Anyone who knows me knows I love fringe. I love the movement, I love the nod to Native Americans, I love the reference to rock and roll and hippies. I am kind of obsessed with fringe. I am certain I will still love it when it is not on trend, just like I have always (and will always!) wear bellbottoms.
 One of my favorite rock stars of all time is Roger Daltrey (front man for The Who). Here is is rockin his fringe the way it was meant to be rocked at woodstock.
This trend has currently been repeated by one of my favorite designers Roberto Cavalli. If I could afford it, I would be grocery shopping in this get up.
It makes me so happy to see the top designers embracing this trend. If your quiet you can hear the collective sigh when observing this dress by Mark Fast .
Granted, this trend isn't for everyone, and maybe these examples are a little extreme for everyday living (especially in a casual town like Chico). But there are ways to incorporate the "vibe" without breaking the bank or going head to toe with fringe. I have recently been working on purses with added fringe. I take a vintage leather purse and take reclaimed leather to make long fringe. Then hand lace the fringe to the purse, giving it a very hippie/1969 look. (available in shop after this friday's event)
My home-girl Sadie makes some amazing fringe earrings if you wanted to add just a touch. Anyone can pull these beauties off! available here 
Just keep in mind, when adopting a new trend, make it your own and really embrace it. If you're not convinced you love it, how are you supposed to convince us?


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