Monday, February 21, 2011


Although it is a trend I have always been a fan of, and that I have worn since I can remember,  we are seeing a lot of mismatched prints/textures/colors all over the place. I am pleased. I have always believed that things didn't have to "match", as long as the fit was right. I remember wearing turquoise/plaid/hip-hugger bellbottoms with an army green/camouflage crop top. I loved that outfit. The proportions were spot on, and even though the prints and colors were far from matching, it just seemed to go. This was in the late 90's, and many 20 somethings can pull of quite a bit. Needless to say, I still mix things up, but in a less tummy-revealing way.
  This trend might be hard to adopt for some people, and that's okay. A great place to start is with florals. They are everywhere, from Urban Outfitters to Anthroplogie, to your closest thrift store or your local boutiques. You can draw from a color in that print and bring it out with other prints or solids in the same color pallet. A small floral print works well with just about anything; stripes, plaids, ginghams, other florals, etc. Just put things on, take a look and take a risk. It is one of those things that you'll know when you see it. You'll know when it really just isn't working. Don't try too hard. Start small and work your way to more bold choices. And if you are still too shy to mix prints, a good default is to pair whatever you have on with a pair of red shoes.
 You can also look at websites like or for inspiration and a more visual guideline.
 Here is a little outfit, (pretty safe for me!), that I have put together to demonstrate my take on this trend.

 Here are a couple looks from

This spring will be the perfect time to try this trend out for yourself. Over-the-knee socks in funky colors, prints, or stripes will add just enough "funk" to that little floral dress with a slouchy cardigan. Happy spring transition! xoxox

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