Monday, February 7, 2011

siblings without rivalry

 check out my little sister's blog (the Penelope Times). she is so cute, she keeps me current and she looks SMOKIN' hot in the dress i made her for christmas (made from a recycled vintage tablecloth). not to worry, more are already in the works and you will be able to get your own in my shop.


Sadie Rose said...

drool drool drool. i will need to custom order one. the other day i found this rad avocado-colored lace tablecloth in paradise, but i didn't get it (it was before i saw your dresses) and now i am kicking myself. darn.

Amber said...

you should def kick yourself. an avocado lace would be siiick! next time you find one, grab two. and yes my sweet girl, your dress is in the que.

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