Thursday, February 24, 2011

I know, I know

Everyone loves Jane Birkin. She is a fashion icon (one of my favorites), she can sing and she can act. At least she did in the 60s. I often google her to pull up some images and refresh my memory of why I love her so. She has such a laid back vibe while really pushing some fashion boundaries. She always looks amazing, and I find her style to be so inspiring. Beautiful, talented and with great style.
 I know, I know,  you'll hear it from every other person you meet: Jane Birkin is a fashion icon. You might as well jump on board, she's just got it.



Merylu said...

I totally agree: Jane Birkin is great and really beautiful.

Thanks for following my blog! You have a beautiful blog, and I'm your follower now :)

Have an amazing weekend!


Susan said...

ooh yes! love her and total icon!

Arlie said...

yes! I adore her! and that floral lace dress is so amazing :)

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