Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bizarre Bazaar

  This year, the lovely ladies of Chikoko hosted their first annual Spring Bizarre Bazaar. It was a collection of talented artists and designers selling their delights at a local venue. It was so amazing to walk into a place and witness such beauty and creativity all around. There was everything from jewelry to art to clothing to garden tools. All of it handmade, and all of it inspiring. I love that each artist worked his/her own booth so you got an opportunity to meet and get to know the person behind the designs.
   I went on Sunday, and I brought my kids and my mama-in-law.  I wanted EVERYTHING! I swear, if I were rich, I'd go broke spending my money on things for sale in that room alone. It was such a treat to see familiar faces and meet new ones. I was also so impressed by people I already know making new things. It is amazing to watch other artists evolve.
  I couldn't stay long, (my son was getting over an ear infection), but I got to squeeze some friends, make a couple purchases and snap some photos. I can't wait for the next Bizarre Bazaar, usually around the holidays, it is the best place to buy gifts. I have a "one for (fill in name here) and one for me" policy.  My gosh I love this town!

Dreadful Kitty

Muir Hughes

oh baby, that's my girl! Sadie Rose!

Zeeko Bag

David "Dragonboy" Sutherland

Jen Moon

Fortunes and Folklore

Julie Demaggio

Jaime Hughes Artgirl Colormagnet

Adorn by Mari


Sadie Rose said...

yay!!! thank you for photographing and posting! next time you should have a booth miz crafty.

Marylou Handmade Items said...

I'm so glad you documented this! I now can see many of the artists online that I never would have found before! I enjoyed the craft fair as well! So much creativity in this town!!

Leora said...

bummed i missed that!

ps. i'll be in chico on saturday, meeting with erin l. and sadie rose!

Clare said...

Wow! That looks like so much fun! My daughter made me slow down and click on every picture :) I love talented, creative people and what comes through them.

Hope you're well,
Take Care,

Kelly said...

I love this! Especially the name :) Who doesnt love things artsy and a little bizarre?!

fashionfarmsandfreedom said...

crafty deliciousness!

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