Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sheer Madness

I love all of the sheer clothing out right now, and made a point to fill my shop with this new trend. I have been collecting  various sheer items and finally got a moment to take some pictures for my shop. I am so inspired by Free People , and have also been working on the whole "fish tail" look (I call them "mullet skirts", shorter in the front longer in the back, you get it), so I also have a few of this trend going up in my shop. Busy days, but I finally got a moment to put some work into my etsy store.

I am digging both of these trends and will post an outfit pic of my most favorite dress that I gave the old mullet haircut to. For now, I'll be listing these little treasures in my shop. Hope to see you there! xoxox


Sadie Rose said...

did you make those black lace bellbottoms??!

Amber said...

i did! they turned out so rad! i bought the last of that fabric, there was only enough to make one pair! i will be on the hunt for more open knits to make more. xoxox

Crystal said...

I'm kind of nuts about this whole post. Those pants!? Do you remember Fairuza Balk's character in Almost Famous? They're just like that. You are rocking the, too.

The fishtail skirt os working for you. I think it's a ratio thing. You've got the length just right, any longer and it would look a little too Latin Grammys, any shorter and you wouldn't get the effect.

You are an enviably crafty Mama.

Leora said...

Damn girl, you are SO FINE! xo

bravegrrl said...

love all these... i'm gonna head over to your shop and check it out :)

two birds said...

each and every one is beautiful! i like mullet skirt way better than fishtail!

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