Monday, January 14, 2013

The Great Unknown

 It has been AGES since i've posted a blog! it is no secret that i'm just not very good at this sort of thing. my biggest obstacle is time management. being a mother of two young children is a lot of work, and although i still manage to make stuff, have a social life, and spend time with my husband, i have spread myself rather thin. i have decided to take my online store off of my plate for a little while. i've been doing it for so long, i forgot what my life looked like without it. i have often thought that i might be a better mother/partner if i didn't juggle so many things. so now i'm gonna take a much needed break to examine my next move. i am thinking about going to school, i'm thinking about finishing all of my open ended projects, and maybe even just enjoying my life while my kids are so little. i can't say how long my break will be, but i plan on continuing to make clothes and push myself as a designer. i just don't want to run an online store for a little while.
 i will still be available on facebook, and through email. i'm on instagram, (user ID mermaidsoup), and Tumblr.
 you haven't seen the last of me, yet. i am working on a new logo and hope to come back better than ever. for now i'll leave you with some of my recent projects and will keep you posted on my return. thanks for all the love and support. here's to my reinvention in 2013!

cut out bodysuits

jewelry catchers

jewelry catchers

hooded velvet dresses

recycled t shirt mini dresses

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